Sketching Shapes

Use Lines, Arcs, Splines, Rectangles, and Circles to create foundational shapes for your building designs.

After selecting a drawing tool, you can hover anywhere on the canvas and use snaps and inference points as you place your first and subsequent points.

Sketching Lines

Once you start drawing a line on an axis, pressing Shift locks the line to that axis so that you can extend it without worrying about leaving the axis.

Use the Tab key to open the Set Length dialog that allows you to type in a length value. When Snap to Grid is turned off, the values in the Set Length box appear in whole numbers; with Snap to Grid on, the numbers appear in fractions of a foot or meter. Any time a temporary dimension string is on the screen, Tab will allow you to edit the most recently entered dimension.

Sketching 3-Point Arcs

Sketching Arcs by Center, Radius

Sketching Splines

Sketching Rectangles

Sketching Circles

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