Using Materials

Enrich and enhance designs using Materials to add detail.

The Material Editor is located in the right-side palette. In the Editor, you can create new materials and add them to your Material Library. To add color to a material, you can use the color picker to accurately set the tint for the material or select a predefined color swatch.

  • You can use one of the sample materials from the included library, you can create your own, or you can import a material from the Autodesk Material Library (available for the FormIt Pro Subscription only.) Materials allow you to add detail to the geometry in your sketch.

Topics in this section

  • Create a Material

    Use the Material Editor to create new materials to use in your scene.

  • Edit a Material

    Use the Material Editor to make materials appear exactly as you want.

  • Apply a Material

    Use the Material Editor to place a material on an object or a selected object face.

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