Apply a Material

Use the Material Editor to place a material on an object or a selected object face.

Materials can be applied to faces or entire objects.

Apply a Material

  1. Click the tab on the right side of the screen and click the icon for the Material Editor.

  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the material you wish to apply.

  3. Select the Paintbrush icon.

  4. Click on the face to apply the material to a single face. Double-click to apply the material to an entire object.

Apply a Material to a Group

Materials applied to non-grouped objects in the sketch will appear under the heading Main Sketch. There are two options for applying a material to faces and/or objects in a Group: 1. Group Instance: If you want to apply a material to an entire group AND you do not want that material to be applied to other instances of the group, you can paint the group instance by following the steps above. 2. Group Definition: If you want the material to be applie to ALL instances of the group, first edit the group and then follow the steps outlined above. The material will then appear under a heading with the name of the group.

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