User Interface

Main Toolbar

  • The main toolbar is at the top of the screen and contains tools to assist in creating, editing, and sharing content.

Floating Navigation Toolbar

Top View: Go to a top-down orthogonal view 3D View: Go to the default 3D perspective view Fly Through: Walk around your model using gaming-inspired controls: W/A/S/D to move around, SPACE to fly, Q/E/F to move up/down/fall to ground, SCROLL while moving to adjust speed, ESC to exit ---------- Orbit: Orbits around using your cursor or selection as the center of rotation. You can also right-click and drag at any time to Orbit. Swivel: Looks around the model by using the current position as the center point. You can also hold Ctrl while right-click and dragging to Swivel. Pan: Drags the view parallel to the screen. You can also hold the middle mouse button, or Shift while right-click and dragging to Pan. ---------- Zoom: Zooms in or out with cursor movement Zoom All: Zooms out to capture the extents of the sketch Zoom Selected: Zooms to capture the extents of the geometry in selection

Palette Bar

The Palette Bar appears on the right side of the screen. Click one of these icons to open a side palette to display Properties, Layers, Scenes, Levels, Content Library, and Collaboration.

Properties: Open this palette to view location, gross area, and floor area ratios for your sketch Materials: Use this palette to create or apply materials Layers: Create and manage Layers and assign selected objects to different Layers Scenes: Create, manage, and play Scenes Levels: Use this palette to display and add Levels to your building objects Content Library: Use the Content Library to store reusable content such as furniture Collaboration (FormIt Pro only): Use Collaboration to work simultaneously with others as you create designs

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